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Protective Insurance Agencies is proud to represent Universal Insurance Company.

Through Universal Insurance Company we are able to provide you insurance coverage for your personal auto (including non-owners auto coverage) and motorcycle . Universal Insurance Company is based in North Carolina and only sells their insurance products through Independent Insurance Agents. Universal believes in the independent agency system, and they believe that marketing and selling their insurance products in this way brings customers the most benefit possible. As an independent insurance agency we could not agree more. Universal Insurance Company and us here at Protective Insurance Agencies believe in building long-lasting relationships with our customers. That is why Universal Insurance Company is committed to providing customers with a Loss Free Discount  at their policy renewal. If you purchase a Universal insurance policy that includes comprehensive and collision coverage  from Protective Insurance Agencies and you are accident free for your insurance policy term, Universal Insurance Company will reward your good driving habits with an Accident Free discount upon renewal. Universal Insurance Company also offers competitive rates regardless of what your driving record looks like. As your North Carolina insurance agent we are committed to making sure you get the great coverage you need at the best rate possible. When you purchase an insurance policy from us through Universal Insurance Company we know you are getting the right coverage, the service you deserve, at a price that fits your budget, with a company that is as committed as we are to saving you money and appreciating  and rewarding your loyalty.

Contact us today to find out if Universal Insurance is a good fit for you.