Tips For Baby-Proofing Your Home

Baby Proofing your HomeBaby-proofing your home is no small task. Just about anywhere the little guys can go, there are numerous places throughout your house that leave your toddler or someone else’s child at risk. The thing about babies is that you can never underestimate them, and the moment you do—they usually surprise you! These guys are curious, and they don’t stop until they get what they want.
One of the first steps though that most expecting parents or even grandparents can do to their home in order to make it safe for a newborn is “baby-proofing” all the dangerous areas and making sure there are no dangling blind cords or outlets that your child can get into. Below we’ve compiled a list of the best baby-proofing practices from across the internet and really feel as though these will help provide that extra layer of defense against the little tikes and make sure your first baby experience is a safe one!
  • Try and cover any sharp corners. This is a huge one and although it’s probably been said a hundred times, it really can’t be said enough. Babies and toddlers have twice the risk of a head injury versus older children. After all toddlers are clumsy, and therefore, more prone to head injuries.
  • Babyproofing goes hand-in-hand with supervision. There’s never going to be a house that’s 100% “baby proof”. Yuu need to remain diligent in supervising your little ones. Don’t allow yourself to get distracted with cooking, phone calls or even internet surfing.
  • Babies are fascinated by water. Keep toilet lid locks on if at all possible and try to lower your water heater down to around 110 to avoid scalding your newborn’s skin. This is another big one that not nearly enough people are doing to keep their kids safe.
  • Cover any and all unused outlets with outlet caps. You never know what those little ones might try to stick in there!
  • Put baby gates on any dangerous parts of the house such as staircases or hallways you don’t want them to travel down. Doing this will effectively “quarantine” your toddler and make sure they aren’t going any places they shouldn’t be.
  • Install any window guards if necessary, windows can be a great way for kids to escape or even injure themselves and should never be open more than six inches. Especially in windows that are on a second floor or in a heightened area
  • Purchase a fireplace cover. This just isn’t worth taking a chance. Fire is fascinating, and little ones don’t realize it’s dangerous.

Keeping your home safe for your baby might seem like a task all unto itself but doing so will pay off big in the long run.

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