What is an Independent Insurance Agent?

What is an independent insurance agent and why should I use one?

An independent insurance agent, is a licensed insurance professional who typically sells a wide variety of insurance to consumers. This can include auto insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance, health insurance, property insurance, business insurance and more. Due to the licensing requirements and the types of credentials that one must carry to be an independent insurance agent in North Carolina, these individuals are highly trained both in the way the insurance industry works and in the realm of North Carolina insurance law. Instead of trying to find different types of policies on your own, you can instead turn to an independent insurance agent to assist you. They’ll be able to look at the specifics of your own personal situation, including factors like your budget, and come up with an insurance package that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Using an independent insurance agent comes with a wide variety of different benefits that shouldn’t be ignored. For starters, these types of agents are traditionally highly educated and trained in exactly the types of insurance products they are selling. If you have any questions about a particular policy or have certain requirements, an independent agent will be able to address all of those concerns and make sure that you find a policy that is right for you.

Additionally, the one thing that really sets independent agents apart from captive agents is that independent insurance agents work with multiple insurance carriers. Therefore, they can offer unbiased advice and won’t try to up-sell you on any coverage you might not need. They are trusted advisors who consider your best interest.

Lastly, because they work with multiple insurance carriers, independent agents can shop rates on your behalf and match your needs with your budget to get you the absolute best insurance policies. Think of your independent insurance agent as a part of your financial team, like your attorney or accountant. They are there to provide professional insurance advice to help you manage your risk by protecting your current and future assets.

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